Mission Statement: What We Do

The North Tonawanda Neighborhood Watch (Formerly Citizens on Patrol) has been organized to promote the education of residents and businesses in North Tonawanda in the areas of crime prevention and quality of life. This includes the safeguarding of the community, its residents and their properties through voluntary activities including public information, problem solving and addressing city problems and concerns. We will create an alert neighborhood by using crime prevention methods and through the mutual aid of neighbors watching the property of other neighbors.

Monthly Neighborhood Awareness Meeting

We meet each second Thursday of the month at 7pm at theNorth Tonawanda Public Library on Meadow Drive; All North Tonawanda residents and business owners are welcome. The meetings exist for the purpose of allowing residents to bring up concerns and discuss topics related to crime and safety in our community. Often the Police Department, and some local politicians will be present at these meetings. Over the years, topics and the solutions discussed at these meetings have done a lot to improve the safety of North Tonawanda. Often these meetings have resulted in the group petitioning the City, County, or even State for changes or to pressure them into taking action on a topic.

Website Based Forum

We recently opened up a secure forum on this website. The forums intent is to act as a safe portal for verified residents to discuss topics of safety and crime in a secure setting. Sure, Facebook groups exist which do this, but your Facebook account is directly linked with your life and family in most cases. Many people have been targeted and harassed by posting and commenting on crime issues on Facebook. On this forum, you may choose any name you desire. So long as you provide enough information in the background so our Moderators can verify you as a North Tonawanda resident or business owner, then you are good. But no one else sees that.


We are working on a few ideas for events which will promote neighborhood awareness, and safety. Since 2014 we have been involved with street and alleyway cleanups. We also plan on promoting block parties, and social events to allow us to meet and interact with our neighbors. An annual 'hamfest' and 'poker run' have also been suggested.


Membership isn't overly strict. We consider members to be people who help facilitate the group, and promote the group. Since the groups main function is promoting communication between residents, the Members function is to assist the group in its efforts to promote that communication. The following is part of the Bylaw draft defining membership which was recently approved.

1.1: Any person whom can commit to attenting at least 4 (four) meetings per year as a member of our group, while not officially representing any other interests / groups.
1.2: Must volunteer to assist the group with either:
1.2(a): with at least one event per year.
1.2(b): in some other useful function (Promotions, Forum moderation, Finances / legal work...).
1.3: Does not need to be a North Tonawanda Resident
1.4: Members may attend Group meetings, and may vote, speak and make motions.
1.5: There are no Membership fees, or dues of any financial kind.

Note: The Group meetings are Closed meetings which are separate from the Monthly Neighborhood Awareness meetings.

You do NOT need to be a member to speak, discuss and raise topics at our Monthly Neighborhood Awareness meetings. Anyone is allowed to attend and participate in those.